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Table Lamp - Wavy - Soft clay - Medium
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Table Lamp - Wavy - Soft clay - Medium

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I hand-build the wavy lamp body from a high-quality, soft and slightly speckled stoneware clay, and leave it unglazed to show the natural beauty of the clay.

It is then fitted with a natural jute-covered electric cord and high-quality pieces (golden metallic lamp socket, metallic parts, vintage-looking white plastic switch and socket).


I only make very small batches to avoid overproduction. So most of the time, the lamps are sold out and available to pre-order, which means I make them when you ask for them. They take between 6-8 weeks to make, and I will of course keep you posted throughout the process. Thanks for your patience!


Approximate diameter: 21 cm
Approximate height: 9-10 cm
Approximate weight: 550 g
Cable length: 150 cm

Each piece is handmade and therefore different. These dimensions are provided as a guide, on an indicative basis. They will most certainly vary slightly from one piece to the other.


CE Compliant
Fits a E14 Screw-in light bulb
Light bulb not included.

Each piece has its own character, with beautiful imperfections, as they are all hand built in my Madrid studio, before going through two high-temperature kiln firings.


Clean with a dry dust cloth.