About Valentine

Self-taught, ceramicist Valentine Benoist has been experimenting with clay since 2016.

She is based in a small part of beautiful Northern Britanny close to the sea since 2023, after many years living in London and a stint in Madrid. 

Her practice

In her ceramics studio, she very slowly hand-builds unique pieces with tactility, design and functionality at their heart.

She builds them from local stoneware, fired at high-temperature.

Her work includes unique sculptural pieces, interior design projetcs and confidential tableware collections, made in very small batches.

They find their way into the heart of contemporary restaurants and homes.

Bespoke orders & Commissions

She works mainly on special, made-to-measure projects - may they be pieces for chefs, interior designers or ceramics lovers.

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Reusing packaging

Committed to reducing packaging waste to an absolute minimum, she keeps every packaging materials and makes sure to reuse them to wrap up your orders.

So please don't judge a book by its cover: yes, your order will probably arrive in a carboard box from a different brand that has nothing to do with ceramics, but who cares?