About the studio

Valentine, restaurants and ceramics

I am based in Northern Brittany close to the sea since 2023, after spending 10 years in London and a stint in Madrid. I split my time between my ceramics studio and food consulting, running My Hungry Valentine agency.
Restaurants and craft being my first loves, I have always been fascinated by what goes into them in addition to the menu and wine listservice, playlist, lighting, decor, tableware… This is how I came to clay, by flipping over the plates to see who made them! I started experimenting with clay in 2015, and the project of launching my own ceramics studio naturally formed in 2020.

The studio

My Hungry Valentine Ceramics Studio focuses on handmade tableware and interior design pieces for contemporary restaurants and homes. Each piece slowly handmade by me in my studio. Each one comes with its own story, its own tiny variations. Just like you and me!


Photo credits: Laura Jalbert - Jaja Food Studio