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Nesting Oval Dishes Set - 15-18 cm - Soft Clay - Lunar White

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A simple and elegant nesting oval dishes design, very versatile. You can use them as plates, trinket dishes or just as a standalone piece. 


    Oval dish 1
    Approximate dimensions: length 15 cm, width 10 cm, height 1.50 cm
    Approximate weight: 150 g

    Oval dish 2
    Approximate dimensions: length 17 cm, width 13 cm, height 1.50 cm
    Approximate weight: 200 g

    Oval dish 3
    Approximate dimensions: length 18.50 cm, width 16.50 cm, height 1.50 cm
    Approximate weight: 250 g

    Each piece is handmade and therefore different. These dimensions are provided as a guide, on an indicative basis. They will most certainly vary slightly from one piece to the other.


    I hand-build the mugs from a high-quality, soft and slightly speckled stoneware clay.

    The Lunar White glaze used is food-safe and will vary from one piece to the other, according to how it was brought to life in the kiln - that's the beauty of this process. The back of the piece is left unglazed, to embrace the natural colour of the clay.

    Each piece has its own character, with beautiful imperfections, as they are all hand built in my Madrid studio, before going through two high-temperature kiln firings.


    All tableware is food and dishwasher safe, however hand washing will extend the life of your pieces. 

    Ceramics shouldn't be exposed to rapid temperature changes. Use in microwaves is not recommended, as there is the chance of cracking.